Artist painter internationally recognized , avant-garde of the peintrure " Pixeliste " David Farsi presents his Éditions 1024 :

Stop for a moment , step into his world and his imagination while colors and pixels. Admire his collection of more than 1024 digital works, a first selection is presented for the first time online. Painter and sculptor for forty years now , having manipulated mediums as varied as lacquer, oil painting or even clay, David Farsi offers a work 100% pixel.

For over seven years , based on preparatory work over 5,000 sketches, each of these works were created directly on computer : shapes, textures, patterns, colors were made and painted with a pen and a digital table, replacing the traditional brush and canvas. Nothing has been photographed or handled. All things were created , the first stroke of a pen on a canvas until the addition of flamboyant colors. A pixel appears, a table is created, while more than a thousand stories are told. The artist chose to edit each of his paintings on paper of high quality art .

Enter his world in the chaos of his imagination. Let yourself be carried away by his stories !
The Éditions1024...

  •     Innovative because fully digital
  •     Surprising the quality of their carrier
  •     Fun and versatile Modularity

Technical realization

In the process of creating these works, brushes and tubes of traditional color have been replaced by digital pens and computer tables . They were " drawn and painted " virtual format. Each image once completed is a unique combination of pixels, undisputed reflect the imagination and creativity of David Farsi .

Technical editing

The virtual work, as a digital file is then edited by a method of reproducing a quite exceptional quality on art paper . Reproduction technique has been developed to ensure color stability to meet the requirements of museums in publishing of works of art.

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Exhibition of the collection Éditions 1024 - Gallery David Farsi in Montreal (Canada)

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