The Artist David Farsi in a few words

David Farsi - Artiste Peintre After his studies at l’École Boule in France, David Farsi chooses the path of a painter. During his first years as an artist, his encounters with Dali introduce him to a new perspective of art. He then enters the world of art exhibitions, selling his first works of art.

Being an artist, as well as a designer, he enjoys playing with different materials, lighting, shape, and color. This is perceivable through his paintings, mosaics, stained glass, furniture and sculptures.
His travels lead him to discover the use of laquer which later becomes his main technique for many years.

In 1999, David Farsi moves to Montreal. He dedicates himself to numeric art and creates the Ko, a unique masterpiece of 1024 works of art.
Since 2007, David, while keeping his own style, returns to making traditional paintings, mixing oil painting and collages. He offers us a fantasy-based world filled with mythical and imaginative characters that incites us to dream.

David Farsi has exhibited his work in important cities all around the world such as: Paris, Los Angeles, Brussels, New York, Bonn or Bologna... Today, we find his paintings in private collections and museums.

from 2008 to 2011
  • Finalization of the draft "Le Ko"
  • Continues his traditional work on canvas
  • Exposes for the opening of the Hotel Le CRYSTAL Montreal (Canada)
  • Edits a catalog for the collection of the works exhibited
  • Exhibits at the Gallery Hermine Montreal (Canada)
  • Produces several commands to buildings's lobby
  • Participation in SIDIM (Design Show) in Montreal (Canada)
  • Works on the project "Le Ko"
  • Science Film Festival "Va savoir !"
  • Creating trophies rewarding winners, Limited edition trophies, Edition Catalog
  • Works on the project "Le Ko"
  • Participation in MIM (Digital Exhibition) in Montreal (Canada)
  • Markets digital works on metal support
  • Works on the project "Le Ko"
from 2000 to 2008
  • Produces a library of more than 1,024 digital works for the implementation of the project "Le Ko"
  • Moved to Montreal (Canada)
  • Order of 8 large paintings in the Thirtieth Anniversary of the company ATLANTIC, European leader in electric heaters
  • Creating a Vitalist space for the computer company Amosdec of six painted panels of 6x3 meters
  • Produces an order of 40 tables blue and silver for the Parisian restaurant KOH (France)
  • Exhibition at 50th Cannes Film Festival (France), presentation of blue and silver paintings, pottery, furniture, jewelry and sculptures
  • Editing a reference catalog
  • Purchase of a work by the city of Mitry-Mory (France)
  • Decoration and furniture design for The Hotel La Meuse at Paris (France)
  • Creation of a fresco on wood panels, School Jeanne d'Arc, Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (France)
  • Made of lacquered for the lobby of Showcase China, Montreuil (France)
  • Birth of Vitalism
  • Exhibition at Vincennes (France) : Medal of the City
  • Guest of honor at the Salon Art Passion of Mitry-Mory (France)
  • Presentation of the jewelry collection "Vitalist" Bijorhca to show in Paris (France)
  • Presence at the Show of Vanves (France) : Gold Medal
  • Purchase of two works by the city of Vanves (France)
  • Exhibition at the town hall of Chennevières (France)
  • Presence at the Show Art Passion at Mitry-Mory (France)
  • Exhibition at the House of Europe in Paris (France)
  • Creating a jewelry collection "Vitalist"
from 1992 to 1993
  • Exhibition at Bruxelles (Belgique)
  • Exhibition at Gand (Belgique)
  • Guest Guide illustrations, book of Parisian hotels
  • Exhibition at Galerie Art et Art at Paris (France)
  • Editiing two lithographs
  • Exhibition at the Galerie Art et Art at Paris (France)
  • Exhibition at the Galerie Victor Hugo at Paris (France)
  • Exhibition at Press Club at Paris (France)
  • Illustration of the album cover pianist Francis Lockwood
  • Illustration of the album cover of the jazz violinist Didier Lockwood
  • Presence at the Show of Arts at Bologne (Italy)
  • Come back in Paris to continue his lacquer work
  • Presence in the Art Expo of Dallas (United States)
  • Creating a mural mosaic, School of Grigny (France)
  • Exhibition at the Hotel Meridian of New York (United States)
  • Exhibition at the French Tennis Federation (France)
  • Portrait of Yannick Noah
  • Portrait of the Four Musketeers
  • Edition of lithography "The Four Musketeers"
  • Marble mosaic in the Kamikaze permanent gallery in New York (United States)
1982 / 1983 / 1984
  • Presence at the Art Expo in New York (United States)
  • Order of a painted and lacquered car by the car company Citroën
  • Exhibition and happening at the Galerie Roandshop at Badgoedesberg (Germany)
  • Moved to New York (United States)
1980 / 1981
  • Edition of posters, prints and catalogs in Bonn (Germany)
  • Permanent exhibition of a work at the library of Bonn (Germany)
  • Edition of poster Awards Cadet Championship Tennis Jean Bouin in Paris (France)
  • Gallery Saint-Brice of Paris (France)
  • Exhibition at Alliance Française in Bonn (Germany)
  • Exhibition at Museum of Modern Art in Bonn (Germany)
  • Exhibition at Grand Theatre of Badgoedesber (Germany)
  • Exhibition at the Gallery Today in New York (United States)
  • Exhibition at The Little Trianon of the Hotel Beverly Hills in Los Angeles (United States)
  • Exhibition at The Fabre Museum, Montpellier (France). Edition of a poster
  • Exhibition at Grand Theatre de Montpellier (France)
1978 / 1979 / 1980
  • Exhibition at the Gallery Three Ormeaux in Aix-en-Provence (France)
  • Presence at the contest "Jour de Fêtes" at the Espace Cardin of Paris (France)
  • Exhibition at the Gallery Râ of Paris (France)
  • Exhibition at the Museum of Montpellier (France)
1977 / 1978
  • Exhibition at the Gallery Valombreuse of Paris (France)
  • Presence at the Show of French Artists of Paris (France)
  • Presence at the Show "Les Peintres d'Aujourd'hui" of Paris (France)
  • Presence at the Show of Painting of Marseille (France)
  • Exhibition at the Gallery Valombreuse in Biarritz (France)
  • Exhibition at Plans Marcel Dassault in Paris (France)
1974 / 1980
  • Presence at the Show Fall at the Grand Palais of Paris (France)
1974 / 1975
  • First Prize Commemorative Poster with "The Passage of Joan of Arc", sculpture purchased by the French Army
  • First Prize at the "Postal Stamp" of Papeete. Reproduction on the stamp of 100 francs of French Polynesia
  • Order of a mural and poster by French army in French Polynesia
1968 / 1972
  • Ecole Boulle, Paris France. Interior design, drawing